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Forestry Contracting

NI Farm Forestry offer a complete service in relation to all your forestry and woodland needs. From assiting with grant applications to preperation of ground, sourcing and planting of tress and on-going management.

  • Woodland Creation
  • Machine/Mechanised Planting
  • Supply of Trees
  • Maintenance

BACKGROUND: NI Farm Forestry’s contracting service was born originally as a sideline to our commercial Christmas tree production. Lessons derived from this specialist forestry activity has direct relevance to general woodland establishment. With Christmas tree production early and rapid establishment is of utmost importance, as it should be for all trees planted on a commercial basis. Due to the numbers of Christmas trees planted annually by NI Farm Forestry mechanisation is essential.

Specialist planting machinery is utilised to ensure planting can be achieved accurately and without the damage to delicate transplant stock normally associated with hand planting. Mechanised, machine planting has moved forward recently and the modern planting machine bears only a slight resemblance to the converted potato planters of bygone years. Modern mechanised machine planting ensures a more rapid rate of growth in the first few years as the plants are placed into a deep furrow that allows for drainage and loosened earth around the developing roots.

SERVICES: NI Farm Forestry offers a complete woodland establishment service from initial site visit and the production of a planting and management plan, through site preparation and planting to maintenance and formative pruning.

Our aim is to work with landowners to ensure that they get the woodland they want that is environmentally appropriate and makes use of available grant aid in the most efficient way.

Following an initial site visit and a discussion to determine the owners’ aspirations it is often amazing to see the variations in the planting prescriptions available. Following confirmation of clients’ needs and desires all grant application paperwork can be put together and sent to the Forest Service for approval. Any liaison can be undertaken on a client’s behalf and any site visits requested by the Forest Service can be accompanied.

If you have an acre or more to spare we can, after you sign the grant application forms that we have completed for you, then complete the whole project on your behalf. Of course if you wish to do some of the work yourselves this can be agreed.



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